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Earth Observation for Inventory Webinars (29th Feb 2016) by Jagadeesh Yeluripati

A series of webinars are being held to share the outcomes of the UK-led project on Scoping the

potential for Earth Observation (EO) to provide agricultural activity data for inventory

compilation which supports the aims of the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Agricultural

Greenhouse Gases

About the project

The project aimed to critically evaluate the ability of existing or near launch EO sensors to fulfil the data

requirements of the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) inventory. Information on priority data

requirements were collected through an international stocktake, and the project assessed the extent to which EO

data could fulfil some of these requirements. The international stocktake also gathered information on experiences

of using EO for inventory compilation and addressed whether such approaches represent cost saving against

existing survey methods.

Webinar objectives

 Share the outcomes of the international stocktake on inventory activity data requirements and potential

and existing uses of EO (as well as perceptions of EO);

 Identify opportunities for collaboration and capacity building;

 Share details of international case studies on use of EO in inventory compilation and the results of a novel

UK case study;

 An overall objective is to facilitate information sharing between inventory practitioners, EO specialists ...

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